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NHL 23 Frontier — Everything Is On The Way



All NHL fans should be aware that NHL 23 will soon be released, which might mean the wait is finally over. Learn more about this ice hockey simulation game in the following guide.

When Is The Possible Release Date of NHL 23?

Since there haven't been any formal announcements yet, let's examine the trends of prior NHL trailer and game release dates. Then we take the interim into account.

  • NHL 19 – June 21 and September 14, 2018

  • NHL 20 – June 20 and September 13, 2019

  • NHL 21 – August 26 and October 13, 2020

  • NHL 22 – August 19 and October 15, 2021

  • NHL 23 – TBA (To Be Announced)

According to these trends, the trailer, and the actual release date are separated by two to three months. The time between the previous and current NHL seasons is around 9 to 10 months. The time between NHL 20 and 21 expanded because of the epidemic. The trailer reveals for NHL 23 is now anticipated for next month in August. The real release date is then anticipated to fall sometime around October. As a result, the wait could soon come to an end.

Guess on The Cover of NHL 23

Given that Auston Matthews is presently among the league's top players, it is conceivable. If so, this will be his third appearance.

Where Can NHL 23 Be Played?

NHL 23 is anticipated to be compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox platforms, much like in prior seasons.

Sadly, EA Sports has said that it won't be accessible on PC. Even though the tweet is over six years old, it is still accurate because there are no current upgrades or plans for PC devices.

That is all we currently know about NHL 23. But do not worry; the potential trailer unveiling is coming up in August. Hold on for a little time.

For more information on the upcoming NHL 23 this year, don't forget to follow EA Sports NHL on their official social media sites.

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