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NHL21 - The importance of COINS



NHL 21 was just released on 16 October this year, I believe that this could be one of the most exciting things for some players as we all have a tough year during 2020. Similar to other games like Madden 21, FIFA 21, NHL 21 also has an Ultimate Team mode, so, for every crazy player of NHL, it must be their aspiration to build an excellent HUT in this mode. However, creating a dream team requires not only time but also a big amount of in-game coins.

HUT coins are the key to being an advanced player, which can be used to improve the ability of the team member or to purchase packs to unlock rare players and items, and even injury cards. It is essential to know how to earn HUT coins in NHL 21, so, there are a few tips that I want to share with you about earn coins in the way of efficiency.


Both objectives and milestones will reward the player with coins, packs, and items by completing each one. Objectives are the tasks that must be done every day, the player needs to find the daily objectives to see what you have to accomplish, as well as any special event, then you can get the rewards immediately after completing. On the contrary, milestones are a long-term task that requires you to do a set of tasks each day, there will be massive payoffs waiting for you until all the sets are done and scoring a certain amount of goals.


I have to say that this takes a bit of patience, and hard to make a profit. At the auction house, there are more than a thousand player cards on the list every day. If you have no idea how to pick a valuable card, here is a card picking tip; ideally, try to pick the cheap NHL gold player with a range of 70-80 scores, because these players’ cards are popular and required to be collected. After that, re-list those items on the market with a bit higher price, in a word, buy low and sell high.


For offline challenges, you have to know that rewards could be different for each challenge. If you only want coins as a reward then you have to make sure to look at the details of every challenge and the objectives to see what the rewards are. In squad battles, you would have a chance to win packs or other rewards if you play often.


The Online Hut Games is made up of three different challenges which are Hut Rush, Hut Rivals, and Hut Champions, this could be the easiest one that players can earn coins by completing them. The reward depends on how well players play, once you complete the game, no matter win or lose, there are rewards for you. There will be a nice reward when you have a good play, and still get coins if you lose, but less.

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