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NHL 21's Hut Rush mode is similar to some other games, such as Madden, FIFA. But its scoring system is unique. The usual scoring system is when you kick a goal, whereas the system in NHL 21 not only rewards you for the goal but also awards how you score it. Perhaps players are more willing to try the complex way of scoring in order to get higher scores.

Hut Rush supports a variety of modes for the season, including 3v3, 5v5, timed games, and goal limited games. Also, the Hut Rush season offers rewards based on your rank.


At the end of each game, players will receive different points according to their performance. No matter how the game is going, as long as you’re involved, you will be able to gain the points. A new level will be unlocked when points are reached. However, points will be awarded on the basis of in-game performance and the difficulty of the score.


In addition, the playable mascot is another highlight of this mode. That's right, the mascots of each NHL team will be taking part in matches on Olympic-sized ice and outdoors.


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